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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  May 20, 2012 5:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> coming up, a police-involved shooting. the latest on what happened. >> single sex marriage gets backing. >> and the latest from the g-8 summit. >> and next up, the belmont. i'll have another gets a chance to do something another horse has not accomplished in 34 years. "11 news sunday morning" starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. we'll get to our top stories in just a minute. first we get to our weather with ava marie. >> what a fun end to the race. >> i should have listened to
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frank, the retired jockey. he said, i know i bet on bode, but i think we're all excited eye have another has a chance at a triple crown. >> weather wice wise, we are talking about a storm possibility into the second half of the weekend. increasing clouds and temperatures in the 50's now. it will not be as pretty today as we have clouds rolling in. winds mostly calm. humidity at 86%. as we head through the afternoon, increasing clouds with warm conditions. winds out of the east-northeast at 10 miles per hour. temperatures getting up near 80 once again today. it is a warm day on tap. we may have rain chances later tonight. we will continue to detail that whether we come back in the forecast. >> our big story this morning comes out of northeast baltimore where one man is dead after an
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officer-involved shooting. it -- >> it happened in the 3500 block of elmore avenue. police say they reported to a disturbance by -- police say it was a report of a mentally disturbed man. as the identified fight ensued, both crashed through a glass table. his fellow officer shot the man. >> police were flying everywhere, ambulance. people coming out of their houses and all, because as i said, this is something that does not normally happen on this block. it was wild. >> medical personnel then rushed the man to shock trauma where he later died. an officer was taken to the hospital for his injuries. homicide detectives are investigating. >> police are investigating a
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double shooting near preston and ascot street. police arrived at the scene. the victims were not there. later two men showed up at johns hopkins emergency room. both had been shot multiple times. at last check they were both in serious condition. no word on a suspect. >> in owings mills, police say a man stabbed his own father. the two got into an argument, and at some point, the son stabbed his dad several times. the 23-year-old son was also taken to a local hospital for treatment and faces dril criminal charges when he gets out. >> same-sex marriage proponents got a huge endorsement. the naacp says it is backing gay marriage. they voted at a leadership retreat recognizing a resolution recognizing same-sex marriage.
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the baltimore group says it opposes any effort to codify hatred into the law. >> president obama and the g-8 leaders wrapped up their sumet here in -- summit here in maryland. the most pressing concern the crisis in greece that's threatening to spread. the leaders said they can help the country as long as greece stands by its commitment. >> also on the table tomorrow, a peaceful solution to iran. >> they know the choices they have to make and the enormous economic and social costs if they don't. >> vladimir peanut-in sent his -- vladimir putin sent a replacement, in what was seen as a sub. >> hundreds of protesters showed
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up to voice their grievances. >> noisy but peaceful. ethiopian prime minister a g-8 guest. >> we need -- >> police moved in to the center of town. they were armed with shot guns and chemical muneigses. -- munitions. >> all the yellow corn grown in the united states is genetically modified. this is a contributing factor to the die off of honey bees. >> my concern is all the hunger
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in the world. >> instead of talking about our differences, let's start by talking about everything in common that we have. >> baltimore residents lined the streets. >> i'm making a documentary about the g-8 summit this is fun and cool. >> what are you going to do with the dumetri? >> bring it to school and show it to my friends. >> this is very different. it is scary as a mom to let him do this, but i want to encourage this educational experience, so mixed emotions for mom. >> despite the influx of visitors, local businesses report only a slight uptick in sales. >> we have had two customers. >> and that's not typical for a saturday. >> no, saturday is one of our better days. >> i am thinking this is history in the making. have to have something to represent it.
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here we are. >> the cost of keeping the peace is about $20,000 for thurmont taxpayers. >> we are trying to get it designated as a national security event so we can recoup some of that money. >> david collins. >> and they are off in the preakness. bodemeister and i'll have another both have a good start. >> the running of the preakness. i'll have another has a chance to do something that has not been done for 34 years, a chance at the triple crown. it was not until the final stride he edged out bodemeister to win by a neck. i'll have another becomes the
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first horse to win the first two legs of the triple crown since big brown in 2008. >> he has proved a lot of people wrong. he's an amazing horse, and i'm happy to be riding him. >> he showed that he's the real deal. he's a real race horse. he gutted it out. the other horse was not stopping. he ran, as i said, a bang-up race. to come and catch him -- how can you criticize that, really? >> i'll have another can pull out one more victory at the belmont stakes on june 8 and could be the first triple crown winner since affirmed. go to to see
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behind-the-scenes pictures and video from years past. all on and click on "preakness." >> must be all that sleeping he's been doing in his stall, right? >> i'll have another chance. >> i bet on him. i broke even. didn't win much. $5. that's ok. $5 is $5. >> what a week for facebook founder mark zuckerburg. first his company debuts on wall street and now a new status changes for him. >> and how americans will likely be getting around. tell you about that now. >> first, a live picture outside. ava has your insta-weather plus forecast sunday forecast. forecast sunday forecast. stay with us. ghiv
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>> good morning. well, all of us were having a fun day out at preakness or
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enjoying the weekend. the weather department was getting its act together. we have our first tropical system of the season. normally the tropical system starts around june 1. that's when the bulk of the system begins after that. already we had activity down at the carolinas. we've been watching the storm system for the past couple days. now it has developped into a tropical system and it is moving onto the coast. now you can see it in charleston. we'll talk about how that affects our forecast in just a bit. first we'll show you temperatures across the state. 65 at b.w.i. throw good -- thurogood marshall. temperatures ranging from the 50's and 60's this morning. much like today. today will be very warm as well. big difference here. that storm to our south is migrating north. increasing clouds. winds out of the east-northeast. temperatures in the upper 70's
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to low 80's by the afternoon. we stay cloudy tonight. we start to throw in a chance for showers. especially after dark as we drop into the 50's downtown. h.d. doppler is showing that storm system has quite a bit of circulation with it, which is why it was able to be a main storm. we are calling this alberto, the first storm of the tropical season, and it will affect our weather for the next couple days. current weather pattern showing clear skies across maryland. clouds increasing, especially from the south as the storm system moves in. one area of low pressure off the coast. here comes alberto from the south carolina coast right now. a cold front pulls in from the west as well. this will smoosh together with this tropical weather and bring better rain chances. lisa liked that verb i used there. i'm throwing that in as a real weather verb. alberto is going all over the
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place. first he migrated to the south and now we expect him to move northeast by sues afternoon. by wednesday it passes further up to the north and east. it stays off shore, but it will bring rain chances through the next several days. best chance for rain starting after dark and we'll see rain chances increasing monday, tuesday, and as we head into wednesday as well. we start to clear out by the end of the week. seven-day forecast, showers late tonight. 71 tomorrow with rain and showers and thunderstorms continuing through the middle week. we finally dry out by the end. >> thank you, ava. well, memorial day less than a week away already. if you are planning on traveling -- >> pack your patience. here's the latest.
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>> it is that time. more americans are gearing up to get away for the holidays. triple a says more than half a million americans will be traveling, and the majority will be hitting the road. >> that means 9-10 travelerers will take to the nation's roads between 5-24 and 5-28. >> a gallon of regular is 25 septs less than this time last year. 47% of those surveyed say gas prices will still have an impack. >> the overall average distance traveled by americans during the memorial weekend is expected to be 150 miles less than last year. >> cutting back on how far they travel and on other expenses like entertainment and food. >> think about when you spend money in destinations. you spend a lot of money on food. think about eating one meal a
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day in rome. >> air travel is expected to be down due to higher prices and pack baggage fees. experts say travelers can still find deals. >> that means booking your air, car and hotel together. you will definitely save. >> whether saving or splurging, the possibilities of an endless summer are almost here. >> michelle franczen. >> so if you are in rome, just eat once a day? >> i just want to go to the beach after seeing that piece. >> a warning for shellfish lovers. what you should know before you dine out. >> and a new program at the inner harbor. i'm kim dacey. details coming up.
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>> in medical alert, anything safe in maryland is safe to eat. public health department has issued a warning that korean shellfish is unsafe.
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>> a rich from a clinical -- research from a clinical trial in los angeles. the vaccine is derived from one of the most aggressive breast cancers. patients are ininoculated once a month for three. doctors say the results were extraordinary. >> it will teach the t-cells to recognize. if the t-cells are educated in this way, if a tumor cell were to come back, the immune system could identify it, attack it, and destroy it. >> doctors want to remind patients, this is not replacing chemotherapy or radiation. the vaccine is about being proactive. it has a potential to help 70% of preast cancer patients. >> researchers in germany are trying to determine why so many
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of us have trouble getting up in the morning. because we went to preakness yesterday. they say some people suffer from social jetlag and there is a mismatch between -- it could be fueling the obesity epidemic. for every hour of social jetlag, the risk of being obese rose by 38%. >> a water front partnership starting new water front wellness classes today at the inner harbor. kim dacey has details. >> this is about to become a familiar sight at the inner harbor. a new program provides free fitness classes at west shore park. >> we love to have people down at the water park. last year we did yoga classes and they took off.
5:23 am
this year we decided to expand it and have different classes for -- that would appeal to different groups. they are offering not only yoga, but boot class and zumba. >> the boot class is based on international rhythms. it is cardio. it also works the core and the behind. the >> classes are taught by certified fitness instructors. though there is no fee, have you to register for the classes. people of all ages and skill level can benefit. >> i show different levels of impact and modifications during the class. so it really is a class for most people. >> so whether you are a gym rat looking to try something new or someone just starting to have
5:24 am
fitness, come on down. >> it is great for your body and mind. it is free. they can try one class or do all four. >> you can find a link at for times and schedule. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> nbc unveils its fall line-up. what the network has in store for viewers. first a look at events going on around town this weekend. ♪
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>> right now a lot of season finales. the fall tv season. nbc was the first of the major networks to showoff its new schedule. mark barger has the schedule. >> nbc officially has a fall-line-up. three new ones. matthew perry plays a wise-cracking sports announcer. >> i like that he has some sort of dark emotional stuff to deal with but doesn't want to. he sort of masks that by being funny. >> there is monkey business afoot. an iracible veterinarian. >> are you about to have the most talked about co-star of the season? >> i could choose to be jealous or i could ride this monkey to
5:28 am
the top. >> "the new normal" is about a gay couple that hire as a surrogate to have a baby. >> let's hold a mirror up to what is so devicive in our society now. let's do it with love, tenderness, and humor. >> while the fall schedule emphasizes comedy, there are two new dramas in the mix. 0 firefighters and paramedicics in the windy city. >> there is a lot of heart and personality. >> and the futuristic city after decades of a worldwide loss of electricity. >> i think it is a return to a world where we will see humanity rediscovered on the backdrop of great action. >> action the network hopes reap big ratings. mark varge, tv 11 news.
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>> after weeks of diplomatic uncertainty, a chinese activist has arrived in the united states. after the break we'll tell you about his amazing escape. >> and from an amazing escape to an amazing landing, how the pilot of this small plane managed to land on a busy freeway. >> and we're starting to see clouds move in from our first tropical system about a week early for hurricane season. we'll tell you how that affects us when we come back.
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>> welcome back to "11 news sunday morning." thank you for joining us. >> our top stories in just a moment. first we'll look outside with ava. are you awake yet? >> oh, man, we were all out at preakness yesterday. and it hose goes to show, the weather never sleeps. >> the first tropical system of the season. we're looking at alberto moving on to south carolina. it is a tropical storm with winds at 13 miles per hour. let's look at what's happening now. still quiet. 55.
5:32 am
calm winds. humidity at 86%. as queff a storm system starting to come in from the south. we expect temperatures to be near 80 degrees as we head into the afternoon. we'll have more details coming up on the forecast when we are back in just a few minutes. >> one man is dead. police say they responded to a report of a mentally disturbed man. that man became violent, and they say the officer and the man crashed through a table and his fellow officer shot the man. the officer is specked to be ok. >> with the kentucky derby und% >> with the kentucky derby under his belt, i'll have another hit the final stretch and took off.
5:33 am
it was not until the final stride he edged out bodemeister. so if he can win at the belmont stakes he will have a triple crown. >> president obama and the g-8 leaders wrapped up their summit. they vowed to end on a common goal. the most pressing concern is the crisis in greece which is threatening to spread. leaders said they can help the country as long as greece stands by its agreement. also, nuclear threat to iran and food security in africa. >> after seven years of house arrest, an amazing escape to the u.s. embassy in beijing and weeks of diplomatic wrangling, a chinese activist is on american soil.
5:34 am
>> after seven years, chen arrives on american soil. >> i have not had had rest, so i come here for rest. >> he spoke of diplomatic strain between the new nations. they worked out a plan to give him safe travel to the united states. >> the american embassy in china provided a safe haven, and the american government has provided
5:35 am
great assistance. >> chen is a self-taught lawyer who was campaigning against forced abortions in his country and imprisoned for it. >> i hope everybody works for -- work with me to promote justice and f agarness. >> now he is set to begin his studies at netw york university for many, he is a symbol of courage and defiance. nbc news. >> scantr moments in south florida as a small airplane made an emergency landing. the four-seater plane was headed to the airport when the pilot reported problems. it landed in eastbound lanes which were cleared for the pilot. neither the pilot nor his passengers were injuried. >> a stat justice change this morning for facebook founder
5:36 am
mark zuckerburg. ve e tied the knot at a small ceremony in his palo alto home. she graduated from university of california san francisco's medical school just last week. the p agar of course updated thr facebook statuses to married, and they posted a picture of them at the ceremony. >> these newly weds tied the knot at a water park under water. they waved to friends and family. the ceremony also featured ãupolive ins, kissing blessingsd white wales dancing. >> does that mean the marriage is sunk? >> i think there is a metaphor in there somewhere. >> probably, right? >> ava, lisa, jennifer, find out ot hich one of our names made i to the totch of the baby -- made it to the top of the baby names
5:37 am
list. >> and a change to the senses that make up the majority of new births in the country. 6 >> i think i know which name it is. >> i like my name myself. >> and we have a storm system. it is the first tropical system of the weekend a week early. we'll have det agals when'l
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[ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> god morning. we're to gving you a knoive kno pimlico. i can only imeanine how much clean-up will go often now after the big day. i was in the in field a knoittl er
5:40 am
trashed. 55 the current temperature at b.w.i. thurgood-marshall. temperatures now, as i mentioned, in the 50's at the agarport. 52 in gaithersburg and 59 in best minister and, as4 in hanco. up near 80s degrees. winds out of the northeast at 10 miles an hour. the sun atist:18 -- sun will be setting at 8:18 this evening. ãupowntown and 50's into the suburbs. right now, clouds showing up on the satellite. we see a couple clouds down into virto gnia. these clouwed will be coming in from the south.
5:41 am
active pattern. right now a tropical system has formed off the carolinas. its name is alberto. say hello to aend erto this morning. right now a tropical storm. it will move north and east. high pressure trying to make its ot ay to the east. right now, tropical moisture will nudge in and help fuel that tropical moisture moving up the coast. doppler showing circulation now as the sto m system moves on to south rolina. the big kirn concern for them will be heavy wind. alberto up by the delmarva coast where it is likely to be ãupowngraded to a tropical lope
5:42 am
more rain expected in the next couple days as that transpires. nd, for the high temperature today. cooler tomorroper 71 at best. all that cloud cover and the rain moving in with alberto and that will keep our r agan chanc for the next couple days for temperatures into the upper 70's. friday, 80 degrees. >> for the first time in ve istontr, racial and ethnic minorities now make up the majority of new births in this country. >> melanie johnson is almost due waiting for one more check-up before baby morgan arrives. >> i just can't wait. >> according to the censuble ovr
5:43 am
half of the babies born in the united states are now bine offensive cooer out-numbering whites for the first time. >> it is an exclamation point for democracy. >> all you have to do is look around playgrounwed, school yard and places where young families are, and you know things are changing. it is not the 1950's and 1960's ozzie and h agar yet ae cmore. they will they are projected to become the majority around 2042. >> young people will have an increasing minority as we define them now. it is sphply the ato gng of the white population of women aging out of their childbearing years. that will contiy. e over time. >> that was nikole killion reporting.
5:44 am
ack-ording to the socfridl secuy administration, the most common name for a girl in the knoast yr ot as sofia. izz bell is now in -- isabelle is now in second place. we are following up with emma and olivia, and ava. and for the 13th str agaght yea jacob is the favorite baby boy name in america. mason took the second spot. rounding out the top five william, jop en, and nfor th. this is the first tphe since 1946 that the name michael was not in the top five. ot es didn't make it. >> fine with me. >> ava said she's not sharing her name. >> yes, she is. some surprising findings. up nt ist. illion scholarship.
5:45 am
how much one person is getting to g to high school. >> here's a look at last night's winning lottery
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> in "economic report" university officfridls say employees have either resigned or been determinated. an audit conducted betweenzie00 and 2011 found the university failed to bill four students for tuition and fees. campus officials say two of those students rec3eved a
5:48 am
financfridl aid refund promptin reaction from the student body. >> yeah, it bothers me because they got a free ride and are getting money back while others are strug tece uology pay for tuition. >> well, they 11y they have taken steps to correct their computer system to find this situation. >> about to cash in on the t1 million from the -- trevor queen is one ofzie4," 0 students to apply and one of 1,006 to receive the award. tph tooten has this stontr. >> trea,r queen's principal and counselor will tell you this is an example of how hard work and commitment can really pay off. >> in oer to be involved in as many
5:49 am
extracurricular activities as i coitsd in oer goal. it looks like it paid off. >> and in a big way. the annapolis high school senior has a 4.0 grade point average, ve e's heop of the national on society and a popular theater student. m,ow has up to a millions dolla to pay for his graduate, undergraduate, ands dy. ek torl studies. >> it is a lot of money. like i said, my initial gfor tls to get a scholarsh, sh, not a million dollars. i'm speechless. >> no one on camp00 is surprised that queen is getting so much national adingention and monit espepthally his princ, shal and school counselor who nominated ve ph for the scholarsh, sh. >> hikes a prime example of har work, dedication, and a can-do attitude. >> are you surprised? >> not at all. he is a great young man and he ot orks very hard. for this to happen, this is a great ack-omplishment.
5:50 am
no, not with trevor. >> he gives a great deal of the credit to his family. >> my mom, first, i wanted to give her back something. she's been a single mom all of my life, and i wanted this opportunity to give back to her, and also my grans nia who has bn pressuring me. >> trea,r says he will take advantage of the scholarship which will help pave the way for a career in knoaw which he plan to pursue at morehouse college. queen is joining an elite group of scholarble somezie0,000 who have already received financial help from the gate foundation. from annapolis high school, tim tooten, wbal-tv mpl news. >> good mor him -- good for hph. >> tires running, fans screaming, holding your ears. get reave t for some big trucks. >> yes, the monster truck jam will be barreling through baltimore in a few weeks. i think ava will be driving one
5:51 am
in the morning shoper yeah. >> call her. she'lls do it. >>s det agals coming up. >> i'm pete gilbert. coming up in sports, an incredible stetcnow yen from i have another to chase down bodemeister
5:52 am
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>> good morning. preakness. ot e continter to reflect in a. i cannot imagine a better day to ve ave 1ore thi" fans. ot e saw a race that lived up t every bit of what we hoped it woitsd be. a rematch from the kentucky derby. the two best horseble the best 3-year-olds going at it once again. thit is delivered in thes drama. look at thiss down the stretch. i'll have another on the outside
5:55 am
tntring to tracks down banoem3er just as he did two weeks ago. the last. >>" yards. j00t pouring it ot mo i'll have another indeed! by a neck. claphs another triple crowt mo -- claims another. triple crown championship coming up. gerry 11nd00ky caught up with the trainer of i'll have another after the brewhite. >> how cfor tch harbaugh felt. meeting harbaugh was an awesome thrill and all the players, but this is incredible. this is truly the super bowl of horse racing, thes derby, and nw the preakness, and now up to new yorent baby. >>now his 15 minutes of fame. thit i will be extended indeed. you heard him say it, on his way to new york for the belmont stwhitees anda rooking for the t
5:56 am
triple crown since 1978. however, bodemeister will be beaten for a second time will not make a trip to the belmont. we will not have a thier between those two great horses. that's a look at sports. i> it pete gilbet,. coming up, we'll check on the orioles. thaoffs str agaght aheop . the monster jam tour is making its way to m&t stadium. organizers tellgras they are at 16 of the best monster jam trucks in the world competing this year in racing and freestyle events. each t yeck has i78 oper omiiderman, graves digger, captn america. we really want to know,s do you ve ave to be a monster truck enthusiast to enjoy the show? >> it is nonstp entertainment from the time you get there to the time you leave. most of the tphe, i alwayser it is the moms that can't talk on the way out from screaming so m ss, >> well, in fact, the monster jam drive of the spiderman t yecks s agad his mom took him
5:57 am
his first show and he has been ve ooked ooter since. ve ave you heard those things. they are so loud up close and personal. >> no, i haven't experienced it. this could be something you coitsds d7 c1 youpemight like it. >> the time now is 5:57. 56s dthe tirees on tv hill. ve erikes aa rook aheop to our hour. >> a situation for baltimore city policess why they say an officer was forced to shoot a man. ot ikell tell you about that cog up. >> plus a photo finish in our own back yarly the preakness champ has a shot at the triple crowt mo >> and the weather was spectacular out at pimlico. now we have increasing clouds. oura ratest tropical system. we'll have details when we come amack.seb k9 advantix ii.
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>> good morning. welcome to "mpl news sunday orning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franpthotti p stories to our t in just a moment, but first leoffs the b to hafy w marie. how are youja >> we started at 4:00 in the orning. >> we stat, at the same time. >> you were on air too. our legs were soress we're compl aganing all over th place. >> of course it is nevernow in the weathers department. we're talking about our first tropical salttehors ot ikere stat,ing off the hurrie season early. here is tropical sto? ve e is bringing rain to the soh
6:01 am
carolina coast. charleston getting the b yenlt f ve - b yent of it now. the biggest concern is the rain and wind along the cfor tst. weshel keep an eye on this as i moves northeast. let'sa rook at whaoffs happenin now. we're seeing sunshine at b.w.i. temperan temperatures up to 80 with more clouds. that's thes deatference from ãfeesteer we'll see increasing clouds and a chance of r agan for tonighav weshel talk about how alberto affects us into the next couple days. >> our big story comes out of northeast baltimore where one man is deop awith er an officer-involved shooting. >> it happened on el mora avey. ess police say they responded to the -- a call about a mentally
6:02 am
episn an officer fearing for his colleague's life shot the man. a resident in the n3eghborhood said the scene was surreal. >> it was chaotic. police were fow aling eventrwhe and ambulance and people were coming out of their houses and all of this. this is something that does not no? f ãfeou know, it was just wild. >> medical personnel then r00hed the man to shock traicala wheree later died. investigators say the officer was apinacked and was also twhi to the hospital for his injuries. ve e is expected to be o f homicide detectives are now investigating whicnow is sard pring. procedure in all police shootings. >> police arrived on the scene, but victims weren't there. later, two men showedgrap at 6 c13 shns hopkins emergency room. both had been shot multiple timeble and ata rast check, thi ot ere in serious condition. there is no word on a motive or
6:03 am
suomiect. >> police say a man stabbed his own father. police say a man got into an arg cment friday night and at some point the son sta6 c13 ted his iw.youpeare several tphes. emergency crews rushed him to shock traicalre o he is eesiected to be o f his son was taken also to mercy medical cente6 c13 t he faces when he gets out. >> the naacp says it is bac win gay marry wge. the civil rights group voted at a leadership retreat in my wmi yester. iy. >> a baltimore-based organization said it opposes effor78 to canoe identeaty discrimination or hatred -- codify hatred into thea raw. >>a readerss now to standgranit on a common goal, fantasticing the global economy. th3er ma rat pressing concern, e crisis in greece.
6:04 am
also on theer y. e oear threats in iran. a peaceful transfer of power. >>a readers here know the enormous social costs if they don't. >> meanwhile, the white house is epownplaying the lack of the presence of vladimir putin. the president says thegranited states and russia are still working together at this summit. >ing thundrebig of protesters sd up to voice their grievances. . idoed collins spent thes day in thurmont and he has more. >> noisy with people protests yeling thes day. some 200 ethiopian ex-patriots joined smaller groups who demod hetrated. the ethiopian prime minister is
6:05 am
a g-8 gter st. >> we needs deming. >> and free government. >> as a precaution, police in riot gear a3 earely they were armed with beanbag shotgun shells and chemical munitions. amanners and signs reflected varying opinions. >> all the corn groia in the united states is genetically modified. this is the nicalber one reason for the die off of honey bees. >> instead of ralow aling, they ö erso slly engageda ring. >> instead of talking about our differences,a ret's stat, about tal wing about everything in common that we have. >> tdif? streets. >> i'm making a documentary about the g d sicalmipa and this
6:06 am
is really cool. >> what will you do with the eping. >> show it to all my friends. it is a little scary as a mom to let hphs do this. i want to encourage this education naturalal experiencme so kind of mixed emotions for mom. >> despite the influx of visitorto ta ring. report only a slight uptick in sales. >> we have h st two c00tomers. >> thaoffs not typical for a saturday? >> nopin satur. iy is one of our better days. >> chris spain is having better luck with a touch of hicalor. >> we have to have something to represent it. here we arme m >> although uneventful, the cost of keeping the peace is about $20,tat0 for tdif? >> we are trying to get desihuate as a natio sl sicalourity event so we can recoup some of that money. ♪ >> they are off in the
6:07 am
preakness! >> a new crop of thorobreds captivated the crowd. and a thrilling preakness gives i'll have another a chapts tos o ^aomething no other horse has accomplished in 34 yars. j00t as hes did in the kentucky abll have another cruised unti he hit the final stretch and then he took off. it wasn't until the final stride he edged out banoem3ester to wi by a nicalo f with a close finish, the excitement was profoancesly ishel have another bicaloomes t first horse to win the first two legs ow.the trips drip since bi moown back in 008. >> they are -- back in 2008. >ing tthit i are going to have . >> wedit. he earned all of this. r e nreper got aa roo f r e h st aa rot of ps inple run i just had to prepare. r lths an amazing horse. i'm ht ou fe to be riding him.
6:08 am
>> he showed that he's the real deal. he's a real race horse. he gutted it out. the other horse was not stianping. he ran, as i said, a bang-up race. and to come and catch hph, how ãfeou can criticize that really? >> and if i'll have another can pull out one mores nictontr at belmont on june 8, he'll become the first trip trillion winner ^aince 1978. you can watch highlights online. ^aee behind-the-scenes pic wasr coupe ousive video and video fr past years. it is all on click on preakness. >> they watched us in the thorning and they were so e unid to be here in baltimore. >> well, it turned out to be in ood for them. ishel have another chance. nearly four years after closing itss doors, as ds in oartment s
6:09 am
returning to white marsh. details in consumer alet,. >> and another racing group gets the green flag for the grand ö rix. why the city btherieves the new management will make the eph hference this tphe aroancesy >ing tnow, thaoffs a live pictu outside. ava has your insta-weather pl00 forecast weather when we come back. atat3q
6:10 am
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6:12 am
>ing tgood morning. we're starting you off with a livea rook at pphlico. ita rooks pretty quiet there after yesterday's excitement out at the pre psne h. 80 degrees is what we hit at b.w.i. wee-e eesiicaloting the same temperatures today. currently we are 55 at the airpot,. ^atat,ing off with sancesshine. we'll see more clouds building in as we he st into the ashowernoon.
6:13 am
we'll tell you why in just a mi-- bte. it is aa rittle cooler in a fit spots. 52. 57 in cbe hebridgme m 51 in ocean city. even the western part of the state not b st now. tsumwhit's foricaloaspa increa clouds, especially toward the aftewasoon and evening hours. amut it is going to be another warm day. tein eratures ranging fro outt en3 er 0's to low 80's with warm temperatures through the ashowernoon. winwe hi out ow.the east-northe at 10 miles per hour. as we head throdgh tonigls, will you continue to see cloud cover bming in, espicaloy wlly ashowe ^aances sets at 8:18 this repen. current weather pattern showing the sattherlite is clear. that will change as we have not one but two storms we're keeping our eye os in oa the first is a low-pressure system. thes dthermarva wwhit off the c the next is our first tropical system of the season.
6:14 am
difneaicane season boaan about week early. normally it starts on june first. that's when we start to see the development. we kick-started this earn pa th year. not out of the ordinary. it is possible for sto? diome outernide of that season. that is when the typical season e anes boain. this is albet, owe and he is going to move up the coast. this will be picalo ãocront from the west. all of this will funnel in the ths. next couple days. it was a beautiful weetion that's all gs. head through the weekend. h.d. dianpler showing cirn.latin |ith alberto off the carolina coast. heaviest showers and tdifnderstorms. winds sustained at 50 miles per hour. albet,o a tropical sto? expected to strengthen much as we move up to the not,h and east. he passes by the outer banks. diminishing to a tropicala row well off thes dtherma'la cernst. no major concerns with this system. it is gs. >> wease of clouds and moisture through the next couples dwhits. it kee,a it ficalo
6:15 am
with that front coming in. tomorrow mgh h coole s showers po h tole at any time. showers and thunderstorms through the mid weeorms we finaln pa stat, to dry out a we look into friday. >> it is a race to thea rirnorst ãocinish line. with the city's approval, the new tea outbehind the baltimore grand prix is raring to go. >> they will begin with finding deals for spoickors. >> this indy car rolled into town today to introduce the roller that will come to baltimore city again. ling into ill be r- grand pri. >> the new team that will run this year's grand prix htherd a pre h dionferencme m >> last year, more than 100 peianle htherd a pre
6:16 am
h conference. >> we btherwingved in the city before there as a slogan "belip t." we btherwingve this repent is a that can't be lost. this isa rike harokrd place,a re the ap>> arium. businesses have to step up to thake something ht oupes in oa >> andrepl0i sports marketing will promote and operate this year's racme m >> i'm putting my name out there. my brand is eventrthing that i have. so it is my life. so i wouldn't be doing this iw.i epid frot feel competent we wou try to make everybody happy. |ill we miste eventrbopp ht ou next e an frot know. we'll sure try. >> the new team swhits they hav leawased from past mistakes and are confident the grand prix of baothaphore can bicaloome a wor class event. >> i think this can be second to is if it iss done rigls. i believe it has that potential. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 1be lnew
6:17 am
>> a brotion the makers of sketchers to shell out mdor cash. >> when you hear the words "first down" or pressurely cut gra h,s do candles come to mind? we'll tell you the new line of man candles. >> mana ges. >> ia rtse it. >> then there were two. who will thes donald choose? the season finale of the
6:18 am
6:19 am
>> in this morning's "coickd th alet, ja recall you need to know about before letting your kids wing. on that tralet- 40,000 trampolies are being recalled bicalo rnarr that can breist on the ki
6:20 am
first trampoline. th6 c13 d at toys rgras from lars. b0 to 70s d- ff 6902 tr is the model number. 888-912-7877 for htherp on whato epo if you should have one. >> those under-inflated tires you ares drithe kng aroancesd o kill you. a new government stupp warick 1-2w . >> washes cou than bea rintion tire issues. a report by the natiousil highwt traffic safety administrat to s said under-inflated tires is the rniggest problem. three tphes morea rtsthery to b involved in a crash. rnderp y culated tires redgh e vehicle's stability and make it difficult for a driver to s during an r- unexpected event. >> they designed a popular ^ahape-up shoe that gives msecps a better workout.
6:21 am
now sketchers has been oajered to pwhitgrap. ^aketchers will have to pay mor than $40 million in setspement as harges. ^aketchers said its toning shoe helped wearersa rpwee weigls an iletrove heaothaity government officials say that's simplyerateot ters me m > the studies had a number of defectto terateot thea reast ow were the incorrect reporting of results. > ^ahape u,a,artou may be eligibl for a refund. chicalok out the cone asmer ale ö age at the department store making its way back to white marsh mall. the mall is expected to open in october. it will be at the sbe hea rocat it was occupied years ago. as you remember, bety kpwet oped his store bp tore -- theerateud is part of the mall's plan to refresh the mall through var toc ö hy >> and just in time for father's
6:22 am
epwhit, theartantion is rolling out a new line of scents spers.fically m ste for then. lisa has been calling them mandles. ^ao far there are four centern t ãocor men, first down, 2 x 4 an mower. then alreapp miste up 30% ow.thr as sectomers. they must be on to something. th6 c13 w swhit sales have been better than projected. time for a look back and the look ahe st at the week on wall street. deborah kostroun has the "weekend bloombes we bseciness repot,." >> this week marked our facebook ^atherling stort to the public. thisting its debut on the nasda the shares closed with a wphpe s ^ahares ending the istiy after ipo cost of $30.
6:23 am
>> mark zuckerburg to than peop to fourgs and keep hac wing. he said those words were handed out in a private gathering of more than 2,000 people at the company's private head quat,ers. ng as i liestor confidence wanes in europe. meanwhile, sony picettres and dor cinema operators locked in a standoff over who will pay for 3-d gla hes for men in pecack. this week attention will likely shift to the hou ttdaqers coming out. data on existing home sales and ngs froma ruxury to ome teildel be out. recoaj-low mortgorde rates to therping to industry. this is at the heat, ow.the
6:24 am
fiusincy wl cri >> and that's a look at business at theerateudiartork stort exch |iths dgoveorah kostroun bloomb on the weekend business repot, ãocor wbal-tv 11 news. >> don't go away. tonight's season finale of as thergoveri pi a3 rentic an first a look at events going on around town today.
6:25 am
glgl great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable.
6:26 am
we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store. >> mr. sulu, the incredible
6:27 am
hulk, whats do they have in as ommon? they were on "celebrity apprentice" with thes donal for to erartos a p >> it started with 18 zahavi cthergoverities. nok ad qter weot s of tough tas and on-camera tantrums -- >>artoue-e out ofa rine asgrae aevin. >> it is down to two. >> i feel like i've got this one in the bord. >> he is so deillusional. >> the two were teammates and phopwee friends on the show. >> a lot of people think this guy ise thisect a great singe s he also can boil an egg, tie a tie. there pits them aevinst eaciz other and their oia teams. >> it is like a economy examine d qter tough schooling.
6:28 am
>> both achen and hall are worthy students. >>artou have onyo worthy as andiistites. i'm happy with them, but i have to miste as dicalois to shs in >> that ders. only the celebrity apprentice but ak.o a $250,ed o0s donat to the winner of choice. >> i've not been involved in the thordice thiohickon foundat to >> i am helping kids with disabilities. >> achen and hall are hx 4ing t be included. >> just for that i get to wis ia > >> there are a lot of things i cou than swhit. you can catch the a3 rentice here at 9:00 tonight. >> if you are friens l with ãocacgoveook founder and c.e.o.k zuckerburg, you might have noticed a change on his facgoves
6:29 am
page. >> lands "a busy street near thy w > now over the mid-atlantic. down to our south, the first tropical season storm, and we're calling him alberto. calling him alberto. epetouek. when we come t 9rt.,at
6:30 am
could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
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lysol. mission for health. >> welcome back to " st erateud ^ath,istiy mobe iinke t thank you for joining us. >> first we wou thana rtse to p hok amuch fth, we h st out thert preakness yesterday. >> it was my first preistne h, and 6 c13 i'have been in awe. >> are you going back? >> i am ge ng back eventrartea s >> bicaloause you'll be working every year. >> is >> somitine stopped lisa about her hat and said, i voted for that, or thalingtern the one i want -- or that's the one i wanted. >>artouerateeeded those hats reesterday. just as we were quiet in isaltimoreartesteajwhit, the trc |as getting active, our first
6:32 am
tropical system of the atlantic ^aurgne we have to keep our eatn this as how much rain this could isring our area. forerateow,re o"cet. sunshine, 55 degrees. expecting to getgraperateear 80 degrees as we he st into the afternoon. increasing clouds. epetouek. when we come t 9rt. >> one man dead and a balance city police officer in the to pwepitaer police say they responded to a report of a mentallys disettmer than. ö resice say he tried to pull hi gun from the officer's h resste as the ttea were strugglin r they crashed over a table. another officer fearing for his colleapwepartos life shot the m. the officer is expected to be
6:33 am
hat. >> is bodemeister. if he can win at bthermont stat to e will be t triple crown since -- the first to accomlbish a trilbe etgown since 1978. >> leaders at the g-8 vowed to ãocix the glot 9l econo o. leaders said they can help the country as long as greicaloe sts isy its com also on the agenda yesterday, nuclear threatern in iras in oa a peaceful traickfer of power i syria and food security in africen i >> a ler s s enartears of house arrest, amazing escape to the u.s. edaqasous in beijing and weot s ofs dip nationalic --
6:34 am
diplomatic wrangling, a chinese actithe kst iserateow on .eeric soil. >> chen guancnang arrived on american he oil. >> for the past seven years i have hn a day of rest. i have come here for a bit o, i ricalooup racial -- recoup raci in body -- recouperat to shn iny and mind and spiris " >> american officials negotiated with chinesea readers to allow chen to be admitted into a hospital as diplomats worked out a plan to allow hph sd qe travt to the united states. it was a compromise that allowed to is wspe and him. >> at the most critical juncettre, the american edaqaso in china provided a safe haven,
6:35 am
and the american g. >> ernment has pr. >> ided great a histance. >> c.h.e.n. is a self-taught b wereatlr who was in prihe on as .epaigning against forced abortions in his own countntr. >> i hx 4e s eryb hay works witiz me to promote justice and fairne h in chinen i > and set to begin his studies at versity, and for thany he is a symbol of courage and defiance. nb grnews. >> some scantr momentern in sou florida on saturday as a small airlbane made an emehe cency banding on a busy city street. the four seater was headed to the airpohat.. the pilot managed to miss the heavy traffic on the street below anda randed in the eastbound lanes that were clear at the tph an ., other the piloterateor h passengers were injured. ng a status change this mor- for thermcebohat founder and c. mark zuckerburg.
6:36 am
he went fro as a ^aaturistiy. zuckerburg tied the knot with hisa ronnjtime girlfriend in a goall ceremony at his balance owe -- palo alto home. versity uated fromgra- of california's medical school last week. theygraeepated their fachilook status to married. >> well, this couple in china tohat the plunge into marry wge. the newlyweds tied the knot at a park in eastebe i chiusi. the coulbe waved to friens l an family. the ceremony featured kis pol. mhiick and white whales dancing. i don't understand it, but they bled is " >> they aiidn't actually get to kiss, either with their surgt 9 gear oseat > kissing. >> rigls,s iis
6:37 am
in a few weebe out of school for summer vacatt 9 seat wes martou find the perfect summer camp for your child. >> b"ccering ahat. out of cans. epozens of local artists competing in can-struction. get it? tevoeratures in the 50's at the airport. we'll see aerateudi tropical sy he sting our wwhit. he sting our wwhit. details in a f
6:38 am
6:39 am
ng.good mor- to ere's aa ri. the crew working hard to break it polia a ler the big race
6:40 am
yesterday. yesterday was mostly sunny. you can see wighre o with the sunshine this morning. that will change by a lernoon. as urrentther t 55 at b.w. i. 6867 ated inner harbor. winds mpwesuy calm. i mention clost s b"ccering ise that switch from activity ha3 eninmehoff the coast. an area ofa row pre hure and also a tropical system well down to our south. take aa rook at this right here you can see a band of showers. this is tropical stor as aalbeh that will affect us as we head into the mid wee o, ãocorerateow, we are se, ong wh happening off the coast. that will be increasing clost s witizat aoud c. >> er coming in from the shoreline. it will be another warm d qtebe iooseat yesterday in the low 80's. 82 degrees. pimntnmers in thegra3 er 7n cs.
6:41 am
more clouds as we head into tonight with showers ppwe espicaloy wlly a ler aiar o, we dropped down to 54. downtown at the ind er harbor into theheren cs as we he st in the counties. current weather pattebe i showi mostther t sth, st s. yes rigls now. as i mention, clouds building throidaizthe istiy and into the .igls as well. an area of low pressure sitting off the mid-asuantic cngest. this will first usher in that cloud cover. then wighlls ieep an eatl on alberto as he moves up the coast. then we have a c resd front. there's aa rot going on here in this weather pattern. this c resd front will press toward the east coast and bring moisture up toward the g c , io ad harbict us a very active pattern as we go into the next coulbe aiwhits. ^awhit good-oure to that sth, s beautiful weather. ng.e's what's happe- toe will seegr. here's alberto now moving on the cngest of south car resinen i to ighs been a he first started off near the outer banbe he meandered aiown to the south now he will head up to the north and eass " winds athere0 miles per hour. a tropical storm as it passes
6:42 am
the outer banbe next couple days getting near the delmarva wtherl o, ng. earther t wednesdwhit mor- no major impact from this. it is ge ng to be aa rot more brain in the forecast with that storm system off shore. tevoeratures in the -n cs tstloughout this week. we have rain chances on monisti ettesisti3 e wednerniwhit and even into thursday. we finally dry out by friistiy with mpwesuy sth, st s. yes. we'll be up to 80 degrees. >> they are calling themsthervea ãoc c l 17-7. >> they wleave this week for knoxville tenne hee. as atchinggrahe mon their presentations. >> these middle schoolers at the green mount school are practicing for a defendant nation presentation m. >> emens " >> it is about creatat'e pronta solving. it is an educational progr.einmg as h sb they o,
6:43 am
over the world. >> students sthericalot a chall ng o, ithe school year and work to creapt a haleative s resutt 9 seat theses iids chpwee to create a movie trailor about a cultural as onflics " tho american struggle with the ^aetsuers. >> we aiicaloided to aio the sh box. we did that bicaloing ise we wao ^ahow howerateatat'e americans bangkoked in. >> they were one o, itwo teal so represent maryland in knoxville. >> representing the state of mantrland is a aire.e come tt uo >> i met people from all over the world. the best pahat. is,artou see al these new ideas you have never thought of. õs h> settdents meet a thoddand teens as well as compete in infant challenges. they are jst ged on teamwork an creativity.
6:44 am
along the way, studentsa reabe s uh s pale s. ylls. õs h> i learned to overcome my fears and everyone was frienm e toea reabe iedi leadership and working with your teadays >> a ler the glot 9l competitio they will break down their set and then they will get to work on a new challenge for next year. inerateorth baltimore,s iim aia tot 9l-tvear.1. >> the can construction design. at the end o, ithe competition, all cans were donated to the maryland food bank. zers swhit the event is especially important as donations tend to be slow aiurig the summehat.lsm o >> i guess i'm trying to figure out what he was ballencerinonat
6:45 am
>> witizthe end o, ithe school year, many parents left with ãocind ing the right the nob fo chilhas o what to look for -- many parents by t with the the nees of finde rig deg camp for their child. how to choose a camp cominmeh3 . >> first aa rook ata rasteratei winning lottery numbers. ecec 3qwhat's my secret for sunday lunch? my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves.
6:46 am
6:47 am
6:48 am
>> there are many c.e,a -nindlantae fors iids this sum organizers think it is safe to keeps iids pwfe and aig at'e throughout the summer. you can find more information on tot 9has o >> a c.ehe mor oger is here -- organizer is here from c.ehe m to reena reevebsa reaves is he tell us about your camp? >> i work for an opahan m.att 9 fora rink for phislbe with disabilities. camp greentop, this is our 35tiz year of operation many we had our annual dinner kicking off our $1 million c.ep c.epaign to help cover camping and the cost of the program for those who .eed sch resarships. >> is it too late to apply? >> it is for chicerren and st c i . we have some spaces left, but they are going quick. õs h>artou are here to ttherlgr advice on picking the right
6:49 am
camp. >> anderatet 9 n the nddt fors d isabilities, but also the rigt camp for us. õs hwe dintrl the i. oortant thing is to talk to the staff. a lot of people, surprisingree3 e donion see thas " >> it is shocking how many of our camp parents doeratet 9 n t dd by ore send ing their chiceo camp, but i think it is a good idea to find out what the c.ep ö hilosophy is, what are their -- how do they supervise their sth f. to ow aio they policies do they have in placm mae sure it is the taig deg environment for your children. >> it is important that tho ãocind the taig deg sta, their program. how do they le. about find ing e ^ata, are they looking for adults? you don't want your chicer s oc our acome- s3 er sesed by a 14-year-old? most camps that is not ng, but is inow for our eape-
6:50 am
camp he have we have a 10-day ng. d- õs hwe diand are theya ricensei >> yes. it is important to visit the as .ep. most phislbe aioeratet 9 n real the department of health and mental hygle fnea ricenses c.ep the state of maryland. i'm sure a couple mig deg slihe throcamph without blosnga ricen they ensure camps are place and that there are p resicle fs in ö lace, and at the least their fingerprint background checks for state and f.b.i. õs h> that has to happen? >> that has to happen for any ca. o in marumbanhas o any health care provider should be fingerprinted and backgro sc chb.ehas o õs h> so more than making sure y have the right to f3 e. ãfor >> absolutely. you want to make sure thats iid are f reslowingcomet usthatarto following the policies. >> sometlses pareni tntr to sneak cell phones in kids' bags or hide them when it is against
6:51 am
ca. o p resicle fs. those p resicle fs are in there try to get kids to disconnect from the internet and aiiscond t from cell phones and actually connect with the environment and others iids. >> and making sure they are focusing on the f sc. >> andartou sr.e pack a f -nori toy? >> sometimes if it is the first time anmey from homa l th might miss home. you don't want to mae it a big deal, oh, my gpweizwe're going o miss you. also having something f.eiliar, the chicer mig deg find comforte can be helpful, we find it to be the case in our progr.e. ut ywe diand you are saying, be strong, let them go, and aionio r sc to the re deica i, ithn't you a letter saying, i am crying eventr air.e! ut ywe dithat is lihat we call helicopter parents which tend to hover aro scd their chicerren, to idinmehin t. it is not always that bad.
6:52 am
ö areni area roo. yng for the bes- interests of the children and they want to make sure they are pwfe, s otartou want to allow te for your child to learn, so that meaick thatcome-granderstand th there will be home sickness and they have to find their way throcamph is " >>artou prot 9ntay have had pars hiding in the woods? ut y> afirst resuttherel i h -ne pareni that call me 10 or 12 times a day. >> but taeall3 e hiding in the woohey wa? >> not quite that bad. >> i'm sure there are some out there. >> i'm sure there are, but i haven't seen thqu bb.lanse they are hidinonati >> thank you for coming in. good luck withartour c.etim >> stay withgras. more news coming up. >> coming up in sport is more late ind ing airama. the oldest rivalry in lacrosse ♪
6:53 am
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ut ywe dilihat an incred intae sports in our area. hasll h -ne another trarted aio be aqulosster and kept triple crown hopes alive. to ood tlses in deed.
6:56 am
ram.e the nones playing some of best ball of his life. ori reses taking a 4-0a read in d.c. and nick markaikis tacking on more home ta scs. 6-0. orioles need all six of them, though. we go to theerateinth. st t4. jim johnson, barely touched up all seantrllans pantrl ohte3 e touched, tayan zimmerman. solo touch. laroche comes to the plael one o, ithe hottest hitters in baseball. swinging is " ori reses get the win by a fina of 6-5. guarantee themstherves a sert 9 victontr. they go for the sweep. later today they won nine in a row on the tangehas o
6:57 am
to opkins stare blue jays. tmpsing a 2-1a reahas o ö ouring pouring it on from there. maryland a winner. 11-5 in the corne ha onto the final four. the winner of te ar.e's ngsetween aiuke. facing denver. first-time these two teams have met this seantrllans coy resa a winner in the fo seasons. to reyhounds 3 5-4. ^aide-arcoming greyhounds up 6-4 at the half. denver figpess t 9rt. ing anmeel coming back. transpired. takes the pass. you canion stohe mlihatartou ca see. that made it 10-6. to rezeounds hocer on to win i
6:58 am
a final of 10-9. once again, the game in foxboroud l for mquorprol they weekend. maryland held off loyola. four gngels, four a>> nisi . for ai -ne snmeeamsman what a g that's a look at sports. ng o for ^a the 6:00. >> the tlse is 66 aiegrees on t hill. here's a look ahead to our next hour. >> peos ce are as cob.ted by th auto immune disorder ciliac disease. ut y> and they have grohad in popularity. at 7:23, what you should coickider when getting an e-reader. >> and a tour of the state's to ardeick. ut y> p ohs more nec13 z weather and sports when "11 news sunday ng" conti. es. str.e witiz scs.
6:59 am
7:00 am
ut ywe diwelcome to "eteerate t
7:01 am
moe suing." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i for our top stories in just a minute. we're still talking to acerr a3 t to ow great it >> it was a good thing we had thpwee hai to blort the s sc. ng o saw a lot of sunburned peo. a lot of people will be in aa r of pti.lans ut y> we start off this day at degrees. xinhey wa aro scd 3 miles per he all this is going to change. we'll say good-bye to the fnmes ^a scshinea rater te ar.e' we b partly cloudy. clouds continue to iabrease as xe - into theerateigpes. the unsettled weather moves into the work we7 c1. cooler weather on the wr.e tomorrow with rain chances. we'll tell you why when we come t 9rt in the n scst a few minut >> in northeast baltimore, one
7:02 am
_ban aiead after acome- an arme shooting. >> police say they responded to a repoeam of a mentally aiisturd man that apparently became violent, and investibectors sr. they > ioyd to pnmesl a g sc frn officer's holster. s the tole were s> iuggling fr- that weapohol another officer fearing for his colleague's line ^ahot the man. a taesident in the neighborhood said the scene was surreal. >> it nmes cha that ic. police were flying everywhere. ambulances. pepthle cominto to ouses. something that does not normally to thpen on this blochen oolst wilhas o >> investigators say the officer xho was aertacgld was tmpsen to the hpweing otal for his injuri. he's expected to be ok. hond.up 6de i c13estibectors ar
7:03 am
investigating. >> police arrived at a scene but ^ later, two men showed up at johns hopkins emergency taoocom 3 h hram b the timets. at last check, they were in serious cond ition witiz7 c1. w on a motive or suspect. police say a man stabbed his ohd ãsceathe pe at some point the man stabbed his dad several tlses. emefirst tenche crec13 z ta scshed him to shock trauma. he's expected to be ohen theag3-f tar-ocer son was tmpseo a hospital and faces criminal charges when hea reaves ther> i >> sex marriage proponents got a huge endorsement. they areeratepthl bac. yng gr.e _barriage. the civil rights group voted a zing aeadeeehip taetreat tab.og- resolution recognizing marriage equality. the bngerd cal"e sex _barriage a civil right. they say they oppose any es coo
7:04 am
to ce ainney hatred into thea r. >> leaders at the g-8 vowed to z-ted on fixing the to lot 9l b.onomel the most pressing concern the ng to is in greb.e threate- laterreram. leaders say they can shep the co sc> iy as long as gr the ngsy its comnd.tment also on th agenda, peaceful -- peace in ran. ut y> they k7 c1.w thesex7 c1.r economic and political costs if they poln's " >> the white house aiown playin the absence of russian president ^ the himite house says the unite states and russia are still olerking tingsyether at this su" >> and with world leaders zpon frederirt co sc and, rerndrehey wa showed3 to voice grievances. david cor,inhey wa spent the ai
7:05 am
thurmont. he has more. >> noisy but peaceful protests. >> weerate the government. police were armed with beanbpre ^ahells and mpolice in ramd iti. -- munitions. >> all the yellow corn grohad i z-ted states is genetically modified. this is a contributing factor to the aif t os co oolihoney b the >> instead of rallying, they ö ertal nallysexngpreseda ror sal. ut ywe diinstead of talking abo differences, let's start talking
7:06 am
a3 tsexven pthing in commo we have. >> residents lined the streets to watch the sperom acle. andrew done says -- >> what are you going to aio wih the aior sll tentan p? ut y> i want to bring it to sch and show it to all my frienhey . >> this is aa riter'e aiinnep-r. it is scary as a mom to let him pol this but i want tosexaboura thissexducational experience. so i have mixed emotions. >> aiesing ote the inf ohx of visitors, local businesses zptick in a sli ohxt- ^aales. ut ywe ditwo customers. >> that's not typical for a pwes nrmor.e? ut ywe di7 c1., satur theyy is better days. >> hasm thinking this is histon in the mmpsing. have to have something to r areresent is " here we ar> io ut y> although uneventful, the t of keeping the peace is a3 t
7:07 am
$30,000 for treres. ons " >> we're trying to get recouped as aerateatt 9 mil sb.uritysexv uts geterate.eed a national secy event so we can recoup some of those f schey wa. ut y> aibetid collins, wbal-tv news. >> aerate they cro geof thoroc captar-ated the crown in the running of the preakness stakes. ng ot nmes a the uilling finish. xinner i'll have another has a chance to do somethingerateo ho has accoms cished in 34 years, joining the ranks of secretariat and seaertle slos stc13 hasll hbete a7 c1.ther was thir until he hit the final strides andsexdged out be aqu a ster ton by a neck. with such a close finish, the ralcamme wng th profo scdcome- excitement, profound. i'll have another has a chaabe
7:08 am
to win the tris ce menpthln. >> i give him the credit. he earned all this. heerateertler g that a trip. he has proved a lot of people wrong. ng o the n scst have to prepare i nment to be the same -- he's n amazing horse, and i'm happy to ngse taiding hls. ut y> he's the real deal. he gutted it out. he taan a bang-3 taace, and to catch him was -- how can you criticize that really? ut y> ibetel have a7 c1.ther ca out one more victory at the belmont on j sce 8, he will ngsb.ome the first tris ce men winner since that feat was alateoms cished inhan978. you can catch thesexntire scene online. isy tour pre aa pack- the premps prempsness. see behind-the-scenes video and ralcl scsar-e ing omentures and fromy tears past. all on and click on
7:09 am
ö rempsne aa. ut ywe dithree we7 c1s to wait. i'll have another will rest up. >> 7:0ing om ng ot as cob.i the u the americans. ahead in medical alerip, wa cll learn more a3 t ic aiisease. >> thinking of buying an e-reader? there are five thingsy touerate to consider first. zia on that coming- >> fs - with skycam.
7:10 am
7:11 am
7:12 am
ng.y> good mor- xe have aa rar-eired aw fro- th boardwalk. looks like a f they ps a s ce still outsexnjoying the bngermok this morning. currently, 60 aiegrees at i6 c13 er v.ar3 . winds are mostly calm, and humidity atking 5%. over baltimore, the s taies are clear. as we mentioned, clouds coming ng on along the shoreline.
7:13 am
those are edging in. more clouds down to our south. clouds iabreng thinto the afternoon. two things we're loo taing as " an area ofa rpthl pre aaur> io tropical storm alberto. the storm systemerateormally sts j scehan. not that this isn't possible, but we are out oolitheerateormar xhat weerateormally s the alberto is affecting south carolina, illy char, and itsexventually will move northeast. high presecre and a cwithd h o ö this cold front will move in ö isous ce theyalb and increase chances. we saw beautinnenmes, s scny we yester theycli much of the same to start the
7:14 am
day te ar.e. all this will change ng th we h into the work week. you can see showeee bearing aipn on south carwithina cngest. mainly through charleston. the uou ohx gs a wrso i as wv.l. the biggest conceaf is ong-shore winds with the tropical system. alcome- albertosexxpb.ted to ais back and move along the coast. by wednesday it pa aaes the dv.marva ofolishore and that's where we will see strong winds. to theyy we starip os co with s skd as and upper 70's to low 80s by afternoon. temperaturup wise, chach oolith e-me of what we saw yesterday. tonight cloudy skies pnkscams xe drpth into aipth
7:15 am
in our forecast, i mentioned how even pthinto wsoutled into theerateralt several days. it will be hard to time out these rain chaabes, but the best bet, temperatures move into the upper 70's by tues theyy and theycli we finally dry out friday with a high of 80. zp med ical alerip" coming- next. in "medical alert" we are ded fnking the u the xith ciliac disease. >> you can find out the five thingsy touerate the before choosing one. >> and later we're takingy tou n a tour witp.out tme oolithe sta great gardens. don't go a
7:16 am
i'm thinking of asking carlina to have dinner at my place. she's italian... and you can't cook. ♪
7:17 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. sure. no problem.ere? ♪ ut ynexthe time isking :17. in this morning's medical alert, we're tal taing a3 t cilso ic bisease which as cob.i an estimated three million people
7:18 am
ng on the scited states. meli aaa spa7 c1. is here with e common myths of the disease. ö disease? >> it is a disease which as cob.ted thea rining oolithe l ng ontestine so it is difficult digest food. ãas ohten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. so one of those mythey y tou ta a3 t is that in mnkst cng celiac disease is easily dso is a nksed. >> scientists beliertle omaiy 5o 10% of those living with cilia iseem c aiisease are aiso is a you mr.e hbete vague symptoms tt mimic other diseases or gng th>o -intestlsony mi, iral d iseng t. >> you don't want to give up gluten sctily tou go toy tour btutor and gsou a aiso is a os that could throw off diagnostic
7:19 am
tests that tou ify tou air bon't have ciliac disease. >> and most people thi0's a isilso ic aid at is harmo to fw. >> mu have to be careful, this has wheat in i, h but tons of ö meat, fruits, villageable, b >> n p. this g ohten free on it. >> more and more products are coltng out with thateratepthl, g ng ot easier to find. healthy grains. these are mrame fromhan00% mwit xhole grains. they contain more fiber and less y ae aium and calord as and fat3 that her granolas. >> you put this with yogurt? ut y>y tes. you can smirt on it as well. they are nutrient rich.
7:20 am
out tme ps a s ce re pv. they h v.ard tlse absorbing so different rices, you donmal wan to go for the pil a. g, but -- you don't want to go for the pilrt? but taegnmesar t >> when pointing this out, it is difficult not to reach for that. ut y>y tes,y tou taeally have t for the gluten-free label. and be sure if you are at ai restaurant thse? areerate that preparing your foods around gluten. >> aio youa rsou them k7 c1.w? ut y> go to restaurants that advertise they have g ohten-h foe as or work with patd ants tt have ciliac disease. or you hbete to anesd op>how it prtuessed. because if it is on a table where they proce aaed wheat ö ros. contaminated.
7:21 am
most cans 6 c13 gllmyte fabs be g ohten h the >> we have someone in our news room that tried a g ohtewanh d isou and s >> d she felt less bloated. >> some ps a ple hbete g ohten y aencamti6 c13 g and. one of the best web sites to learn more a3 t this is the veeeity of maryland medical center. that's where aa r that ooliour research comes from. >> really? >> yes. >> in our od ic back yarmo. ut ynexthanky tou for coming in good information. inney tou are in the market for up reramer. well, we could learn about isilso i tvd iseng the inney to before tha, h lots more to come first a look at events gointo around tpthln this w the s l
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
>> summer reading is almost here. ng ooliyou are concamdering an e-reader, sara is here with five things to concamde>> there is out t m17h to choose f now. i assumed people wereerate that bby aeng thesex-readeeeeratepthe i-pad came out. >> there are aiinnere prentpdif up reramers. there are readers that provide e-ink and those that are more lis s you have to decide what you want to arne it for. bo yonmnment to arne it for browsing the web or use it for read ing and hbeteerateo that d istrament abo w?
7:25 am
keep in mind, the cost of an e-reader is somsouhing to facto in. they range typically from 80 up to 800 for the mnkst fancy tas one thing to consider is the price of e-books is cheaper than a tamore fnmesar boofiv if you invest in an e-reader, you willsexndypp sbeting monse? thea ronto >> the regular kindle starts at $75. the one that aioeserate that h color, the regular nook is around $100. they hram a m that her's air.e which is a little lower than that. the others taange aasehimere between 100 and then the brand new fancy i-bram is aro scdfint.
7:26 am
>> >> theny tou want toa rook at t screen type. >> you hbete proy hs cowher foal where they sr.e i can't read it in the sun. there are aiinnere prent t is h y ay f the w. these two screens are tablet sy f the w. out t they are mentiing to pr g bright vivid colors. >> which scree w are those? >> theerateooroscolor and then ipad are the screens that pr gride cwithor. these are t is hical tpreplet screens. these are the e-ink. these area rcdst., and the i0's readers are close heest to the front page andy tou can taead tm ng on s sclifiv go that's the biggest of that. >> and you gsou batten pa rinne bet >> s. >> battery life is something to co wider. the fan foer it is, shode wer t loif battery life you have. also, nmeit. yonmnment to concamdeav mr.ebe,u know, as you shop for them, hold thents3 and s the xant to hoo th it for an extend
7:27 am
period of time. you areerate that gby aeng to ng ony tour lap. then buying books, you can buy boo i-. aa r that of online tasou >> leee can buy them at or stauazonlorsom. theerateook store. lots of places. >> if you buy into like aerateo havey tou to menti to y hd noble? >> not necessarily. >> air rennow, on the taeade out tme are agnostic to where y can depment buy books. t is hical to c fora rike the iu can go to the ibookstore, but you can also get a3 lications or a3 s for thepdifinvid> io it is becoming more free where you can by f the boo i- andsexng thd ar to by f them. >> then you have to decide -- most of them taigwileratepthl hs ofa rending programs. >> they do. ipt it is figuring out hpthl t
7:28 am
mamige those. >> 7:27. >> 7:27. much more news cominto you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> welcome back to "11 news y a sc theyy mod thanrosyonmfor jby aening us. >> ava joins us with another taoorosoui id> io we are all tn ping to wake up. >> we are. if anyone with that prempsness nmetchingy testermor.e is here morning, i am impressed. xe were there for aa r that of bby aeng coverage of the event. it was all in fun. ne>y toua roos s having a lot of fun. >> i checked out the in fieo th. ne> tha0's goom.ess we will th big old hats on yesterday. 58 degrees at b.w.i. windsa rigwil. ö ick up out of the east -northeast as we head throufiv the after7 c1.on. that's when the skies become cloudy. and ous. throufiv the awileer nmerm with temperatures around 0 through the afternoon. r >> n chances cominto and the next couple days.
7:31 am
in fact, a veryyp wsouthe wed weather patted we'll tell you why when we come eensacfiv >> astaua, awileer s b.eny teae house arrest, an amazing escape to theyp.s.sexmbng thsy in beij and w the i- oolid iplomatic wrangling, the blind chinese amentivist chen chuangchang arrived in new york saturday, what he considers his first taste of freedom in seveny teae. >> for seven years i have not had a air.e of taes, h so i com here for tapanuoperation in bod and spirit. >> he soufiv t sanmentof the en eterng thdi in beijing forcing diplomatic strain between the angoerateat abo w. american stalls negotiated to
7:32 am
allow chen to be admitted into a y.erding otal. d istaomats worked out a plan t allow him safe travels to the scited states. ng ot was a promies that allowe y aen him. ne> at the most critical juncture, the american embassy ng on chimi proacfded a sto and the american government has provided great ao mista ne> chen is a s, h f-tamore nwi who is in prison after ng against forced a3 e w abon in his country. >> i hope everybody works with rntice and fairness in china. >> now chen is set to begin veeeitneg erateewy torkyp- for many he is a symbol of courage and aiefso i ng a sta, is change this mor- for facebook founder and c.e.o. ma>y zucs s y.e went frontscamngle to marri saturday. he tied thepdif7 c1.t with his
7:33 am
e e crl frent pri folla chang. veeeity aduated fromyp- of san fra school last week. the pair ulbated theed o facebo statarn to "ma alld ad" and posa photo of them at their ceremony. taitn, h neg >> w, h l, this coustae from ch took the plunge into marriage. theerate fr to cwenow, td ad th several feet under water. during the dip, the coustae nme gresoued by schoott of fish as they waved to friends and fami to c. the ceremofri atto fea, ired dolphins and white whales dancing. ne80 >> still ahead, barcs joins us with a pet looking for albaood home. ne80
7:34 am
maryland's beautiful garmoens. >> and we'll s the unsettled week ahead.
7:35 am
7:36 am
ne80 we're starting you off with a liveis sd aw frontsthe b frmonmelk in ocean citneg stronger waves as well. dry at bno. te ng onner har3 of baltimore 6 where winds are mostly calm. things are stiringypp along the cong thick a storm system off shore. also our fed ost troing oca fr f the hurricane seaout t u
7:37 am
details in just a minute. fieet olidnment to ity7 c1y tou ha useninto starting off with sunshine. pade w to c cloty in the awilee winds out of the east northeast. temperatures up to 80 aimore fr this awileer7 c1.on. much like what we saw yesterday when tempera, ires were in the lowter.0's. it is going to be warm today. in fact, ta >> n cha y a scseated ing awileer aiark . at 818 you could see showers in ty skd as and tell eratures down into the 60' downtown. 50cil asy tou head into the cit o oom baltimore through garrett until you get to the l7 c1er eng thted edging in from the east and they e,o ai7 c1n all the wr.e in orarwithinas. that's with a two-part storm schante and one of which is a sto's schante well off the coast. that spinninto here. also our latest tropical system.
7:38 am
this is tropica fr storntsalbed he wng th born'lng thterateigwi it will cause issues along the or fst. y.igdippresrs re buioff ing int ohio river valley. also a cold front ii e ng on frontsthe ps. this all paired together will iny fease mby aesture cominto thelbatdoliof mexico and so we' see unsettled weather as we head ng onto theypmoroming suaen-dr.. he pretty much maintained his strength. it hng th b the fst taigwil now. he's going to do a role reveeeal. to is expected to go back up to the 7 wh and png ths throufivr banks tuesday. then come up through the b, h marva ng th we lot ah into wednesday morning. notice how it stays way obook ityor> io when thsatlbasou stronger surf along the coast into wednesday and thuee passage. as far as rain chances go, we'll y a the
7:39 am
>> n shower on the back side of that. through the seven-day, 73 tomo all7 c1 with showeee perdc at any point. 78 on tuesday with showeee and y ato'ss. therde start to taper off thursday. by fri eaith a high of 80 degrees. >> well, with the kind of weather we have b the ng os the time to take the whol family out and smell the ö the obook ice of tourism here t highlight some of the statecil greatlbaardert . ne> the le du guard yns. he loved to entain. he'litned to hyle peostae com> he specialized in topiaries. that is the picture we will s t himen welbaoypp there.
7:40 am
>> yes. and we have events this summer. 7 c1.t on to c to get ideng th own garden but to go and be entertained. they have what they call grooving in the grass which is their summer concede w serd as. they have a b scch oolid ibook kinds of music. you can s the e,rao m. a number of different. >> you mention brooksidelbaarde ng on montgomery countneg >> yes. brookside gardens has a number of themedlbaardert . thaoins one of the pictures there. the other thing is they have a butterf to c exhibit. so you can go in. it is an in-startorto tgaibit. the butte pnlies are rooming free. i have had them'land on my e,s. you can get up close and personal with the butte pnlies.
7:41 am
ne> they are abook illigted wit smithsonian institute so they hyle ade w wor sccand a park-li seated ing is the best way to describe that. they atto hyle an ade w center d ornou can tday.e classes there. >> video of that. >> so thaoins all of these -- they are not free. >> that's the entrance gates. a lot oolifu u there wil fr be a violinnist playing.
7:42 am
so it is fre> io ne> why aio some pricstaeeratey realize the treasure that's down the s> i the >> thaoins tmuoufiv out the sta a lot of people don't realize whatcil in theed olbaardert the availvedle. we endurge people to go out and heto tgatlore, spe fofically si ornou hyle walking tours. >> stay with us. sarcs jby aert ypseratee gdes y.erit ss a'loo sccat'lng tht n winning lottery numbers. the the
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> what an incredible weekend for sports in our area. the preday.neo m, we see w iome another track down bodemeister and k the aliv> io the orioles and nationals, both teams withyps sqroomreto t7 c1.. ornes, mentie a times indeed. we'll have to wait and see maybe a f fr w the che loher tng in. adam jones playing right now, and ps. y hll of his life. two-run shot. orioles a 4-0'lead in d.c. nick markaikis. he hit the ball. y.e turned out to be the win le home run. two-run shot. orioles need all six of them
7:46 am
thosetts. we go to the ninth. jim johnson absolut, h y touche zi4-erman, switho ityyli. downswing. orioles get the win of a final of 6-5. tiarantee themselves a series victory. taater te ar.e, thsat woner rorioon the road. how about the ncaa men's orhampse rt hip. mathers. season. look at that goal to start things obook for the b . >> drew snyder. a quick shot. taher tng a 2-1'leat th ãusoured it on from there. foxborough. to
7:47 am
loyos. double header facing denver. taoywitha a winneing. jarntin wart th eric luxby. grayhounds up 6-4 at the half. e,by aeng axhy. coistng back. takes the pass. there youlbarop you canith t stoy hlhimaty tou see. that made it 10-6. e,reurgounds hold on to win a hik l of 10-9. they are on to a final of 9-4. nylire aimuse nume in foxwinros for memorial day weekend. ncaa women's tournament in orwithlege pardow fourlbaoals, four assists. final four, great season for taed olwithem thates p a'look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. weome fr seey tou bac scchere t
7:48 am
atis :00. >> that pete can hold a smile, oranani he? >> what aio ming. s. lu and mr. universe have in common? all of them were fed oed by the in "the apprentice." >> here's rafael with a pree to. ne> it stade wed with 18 sylvy celebrities trying to impress donald twith ideo. >> it xhs iideoreo mthat pem after weeks have passed and on camera tan> insos. ne. soyou are out of'line and myprs again. >> it is down to two finalists, comed ian aeeense hall and cs. ache-in. >> i feel like i have this in the b. t. ne. sohe is peo delusional. >> a lot of people think this tiy is. darnt albareat singeing. he also can boil an egg, tie a
7:49 am
tie. ss peois sersee tile. ne. sothis w the off in a final challenge that es tag thents. t >> rt tto tacdipyliher and so members of their own team. >> it is like a comfaehencamve e gmus at theto tnd of a s fr sf very, very tough tooling. >> the headmand mter byli achen and -- aiken and hall are worthy candidates. ne. soi have to mday.e a aie loisse >> that will bee san diego not only the title of c, h nicrity andfaentice but atto a $250,s donation to the charity of their orhoicem >> theerateatse k l ierse amon project is an organization piff started -- i hyle stade wed to help chiren with disabilities. nbc news. >>y tou can oh. y watch the andfaentice finale on wbal-11. >> baltimore artists headed to
7:50 am
the white marity area for the cn sturction design competition. the end all cans were aionated o the food bandow they say this is important because aioeerate. tes tend to be y alow aiurinto tend to be slow during summer months. >> ava hand m a7 c1.ther'look a forecast. stay witdiparn. ornou're xhtching "11erate frs morning." g. ♪ jimmy bond i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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7:53 am
>> we are just minutes away from nbc's sunday "today" show. taester hopse. dby aert yps with a faeview. >> coming up on a sunday morning y.ere oneatto to hurricane season as tropical storm alberto for u obook the coand mt of carwithinem we'll tell you where the first named sto's oolithe seand mon i y.eadet th >> then a status update for facebook c.e.o. mark zuc zrbur married. ar-o >> plus dawg the bounty hunter and his fmusily have re loafved
7:54 am
m. ltiple death threats for days. he joins us for anto txc amve s tntere to fr to t, h fr arn going on. >> should you be friends with your boss? ea-yll look at the pros and of having a friendship withy tor y a3 ere to peoing. those stories and more as we see you later on "to >> it is tlbe foreatrs ndr.e brunch" and joining us this morning is chadlbadas. arey tou of p >> very good. >> your restaurant is not open orn goo? ne>erateo, we sho. ld open the week of memorial day. himat we havelbaby aeng on, we lbarocery store that was in the avenue for over 100y teae and aie loided to onald restaurant. we ripped down the whole front oolithe of ild ing and buipse facade and changed everything coideolete e,and m. >> is the only thing there the same the floors and the waltt? ne. soy hcamcall du we decided to do a chef-inspired
7:55 am
aestaurant. >> w-yre aiby aeng continuer s c through monday. hopefully for all the house wives os. there,'lstaye mine, we're doing brunch on sunday. >> what aerateice thopirori tha >>y tou are going to focus on serious comfort food. >>y tes. >> cook them in ways you can't do at home using commercial her tuihen and proper te lohniq >> today for us this morning you will make ruransted cand mheandp >>y tes. the brown sugar will come out real crispy. ea-yll be aiby aeng at to- ne>'late-oo e on t snack. >> we'll do happy hours as well.
7:56 am
ne>y tou ps. that in there and'o it melt. >> this is an iresitable snack pahaspys. darnt a'litsie b gooter for you than potato chips. >> yes, i guess they arspo bs. you cananito tat. darnt onem >> get you stuck into our bar a little'longer thanto txpe loteth ne>y tou are opeoo ng the week the 8th? >> yes. i'm aiby aeng aerateiceis serca shrimp and grits. >> oh, my goodness, it sounds greaza and'later this morning you are going to make more food. ne>y tes. ne> ify tou want a c are gy of s
7:57 am
recipe send us a self-addressed yho are ger elope to 380 avenue, baltimore, maryland 21211 or go to wy and ric scconeatfoe a." >> our first tropical system of the hurricane seapeoza we wil fr seeyprt goosied weat for the next couple days. ers and th scdeeeto'ss a e,rdacambili6 c13 g after today. >> let's try some of these orand mheand j. pahanky tou so m c13s. we look forward to the catfish cominto .ahaspys all the tlbe we haveer- >> we'll see you back here at 8:25. >>lbaoot th aeally hie a. captioned by the national c andtionintoe --www.nza
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